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        Artengine is an artist-run futurelab that brings together artists, designers, technologists, and researchers to explore the social impacts of emerging technologies through collaborative learning and production.


        Willem Deisinger, Sarah Hodgson, Lake, Hannah Palmer, Jessi Rousseau and a st of machines.

        This exhibition brings together three works by emerging artists who considering AI and machine learning technology. These technologies are not central to any of the artists practice, so they bring a curiosity of artists trying to understand the space that AI and ML are occupying in our culture. While image generation is one of the most high-profile accomplishments in recent AI press, language and dialogue remain one of the most widespread applitions of these technologies. Customer service chatbots and personal assistants in our mobile devices engage with us through language on a daily basis, and we likely consume an increasing amount of writing of all kinds produced by machines.

        A project by Macy Siu, Kofi Oduro, Julie Gendron

        A vision for a networked system of re and reciprocity to tackle artist prerity.

        In depth ideas about art and the digital economy

        The Digital Economies Reader was an evolving dossier produced over the course of the Digital Economies Lab. Lead writer, Matthew Braga, was embedded with the DEL in Ottawa for its kick-off and followed along with the members and their projects as they unfolded over the course of the lab. The DER also includes reading recommendations and intersecting perspectives from beyond the lab.


        Negotiating Digital Space in Culturally Signifint Storytelling

        Artengine is delighted to be supporting the newly formed organization Mindful Habitats with their online presentation series Negotiating Digital Space in Cultural Signifint Storytelling. These series explores the relationship between narrative and our experience of the environment around us….

        Sourdough Rising

        This week we kicked off our new cultural incubator program Sourdough. The beta version of the program includes three participants all developing new projects for their creative communities. They will meet together on a weekly basis for mentorship and workshops from leading artists and cultural producers from around the world.?…

        Welcome Junior Fellows!

        We welcome our first Junior Fellows to Artengine – Annika Walsh and Kayla Eli!? The Junior Fellowship program helps recent graduates transition out of the school context and into their professional practice. Annika and Kayla will be grounded at Artengine until the end of the year, making and exploring the beginning of their artistic practices i…

        remixed in residence

        Remixed is an immersive listening party that n be experienced at-home or in-person. Together, we travel down the spine of change, connected by our custom app, the portal into the performance. Five years in the making, Remixed gathers true stories of transformation from all over the globe in a personal and multi-faceted meditation on how we i…

        Welcome to New Team Members!

        Artengine welcomes Najeeba Ahmed and Mercedes Ventura to our team as part of a new internship program.? Najeeba (they/them) is an artist and designer with a bachelor’s degree in biology and visual arts at the University of Ottawa. They are currently doing their Masters research on nakshi kantha in Bangladesh.? Mercedes (she/her/they) is an artist…





        Tracey Lauriault provides a dynamic introduction to the relationship between data and the city at the Future Cities Forum. This talk delves into the social and technologil infrastructure and frames a new more open and democratic version of a data centered city.


        Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) made their way into the popular imagination and have been a lightning rod topic in the realm of culture throughout this year. As part of our Digital Economies Lab, we invited Famous New Media Artist Jeremy Bailey to help us consider this current moment and put it in a larger context of art, culture and technology. Check out the conversation as well as links and notes to help orient you or expand your considerations of this NFT moment.


        In this conversation Tim Maughan chats with us about digital infrastructure, the role of organized labour in the creative landspe, and the DEL project Artwork_Lol404. Join us, as we discuss technology and pitalism, the benefits of organizing, and what form collective action might take. Maughan also talks about how we need to rethink many of the platforms of tools of the digital world as public infrastructure: this may change how we understand what the government could do with them.